Why Is Matt Baron Running?

Through its library, a community speaks volumes about its values and priorities. By that measure, the Oak Park Public Library reflects extremely well on this village that borders Chicago’s West Side.

I have an enormous amount of respect for the role that the library plays for a wide spectrum of people who come through its doors–at the Main Library and the two branch locations, Maze and Dole.

At the same time, I am confident that I would provide value to the library through serving as a trustee.

I have two experiences of Oak Park: the nine years before my children were born, and the nine years that have passed since they were born. As two-month-old infants, they were present with me, my wife and hundreds of others for the main library’s dedication in Fall 2003.

I appreciated the library before becoming a parent. And as my family has increasingly relied on its myriad features over the past decade, that recognition of the library’s vital role in the community has multiplied. Serving on the library board would be an honor that I would take seriously as I seek to justify the faith that my fellow citizens have entrusted in me.

That commitment to being a valuable resource for Oak Park residents and guests appears to be as vibrant as ever. If elected, I would diligently look for ways in which that dedication to service can continue and expand.

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